How it Works


Blazing electronics can help you make extra money on the side. We will buy your used cellphones and other electronics. It is simple to sell your products if you follow these easy steps.

Selling your gadget

1.       Select your device

Find your gadget and answer a few easy questions regarding the condition of your product.

2.       Get a quote

 Based on the conditions described, we will give you a price.

3.       Like  it?

 If you like the price offered, select a method of payment that best suits you. You can either get paid with Paypal or we can send you a check

4.       Your info

If you do not have an existing account, you will have to create a new account. We will send you an activation key and a link to proceed.

Once activated, follow the 4 steps and enter you details regarding Paypal or the address where you would like the check to be sent.

You will get a confirmation on your email.

Shipping your device

You will receive a free label via email to print out at home. We will cover the shipping cost for your device shipment. Wrap the device and use materials like newspaper to protect the item.

Attach your shipping label and drop the package at a local USPS post office

Getting paid

Your item will arrive to our warehouse within 5 days if shipped from a US address.  Your item will then be inspected by experts. If the condition of the phone is drastically different than described, the price will be altered and we will notify you via email. If you disagree, we will send the product back to you. If phone condition is found as described, we will pay you using the method you initially selected.