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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get an offer on my device?

First select the product you have from the home page, then select the condition of your item as well as which accessories comes with the device and whether there is sign of water damage on your device or not. Based on your choices, an offer will be displayed. If you want to accept the offer, select how you want to get paid (either by paypal or by check) and complete the check out.

  • What do I do after checkout?

Once you have checked out, you will receive an email with a shipping label, you just have to pack your device, stick the shipping label on the box and deposit it to your local USPS post office.

  • Do I need to pay for shipping?

No, a shipping label will be sent to you for free. You never have to pay anything during the process.

  • When does my offer expires after checkout?

You have 20 days after you complete checkout to have your phone arrive at our facility. After the 20 days the offer expires.

  • How do I know where my device is?

You will receive email to update you on where you item is from the time we receive it until we have sent you the payment. You can also check the tracking number on the shipping label (and visit the carrier website) to know where your item is before it arrives at our facility.

  • What is a counter-offer?

When we receive your product, we send it to inspection to see if the description you provided to get the initial offer matches the actual condition of the device. In case it does not match, we send you a counter-offer by email that you can either accept or reject. If you reject the counter-offer, we will send you your device back at no charge to you.

  • What packaging should I use to pack my item?

Make sure you pack your item carefully to avoid any damage during shipping. Use bubble wrap or old newspaper and make sure the item is tight in the box or envelope.

  • Where is my money?

Once we receive your device, we inspect it and if the offer matches the actual condition, we send you a check or make the payment via Paypal. The check will be mailed to you so allow transit time. Payment via Paypal is faster and done 1-2 business days after inspection. In case the description you gave was not accurate, we will counter-offer and send you payment if you accept the counter-offer. You can always check the status of your offer in the “My account” link on top or in “Order Status”.

  • Is my phone water-damaged when it is still working? How do I find out whether my device is water-damaged?

Water damage is a very common problem with cellphone devices these days. Usually there is a sensor in the phone that will indicate water damage condition (if the sensor is red, it means water damage). We will check the sensor during the inspection process and if it is water damaged, phone price will drop. Sometime the phone will still be fully functional after being water damaged. In this case just pick the condition of the phone and just check the water damage option. If it is not fully functional, then the condition of the phone is broken (you will need to check the water damage box as well).

  • Should I include my SIM card when sending my device?

Including Sim cards is not necessary when sending your device to Blazing Electronics. Sim cards received by blazing electronics are destroyed during inspection process.

  • How do I back up the data before selling my electronic devices?

Blazing Electronics is not responsible for backing up any customer data. Check your user manual to save your data (contacts, pictures, etc.). If there is existing data in the device, we will do a factory reset during the inspection process and it cannot be retrieved.

Send us an email at if you have any other questions and we will answer you back within a day.