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Phone selling EXP
This experience was outstanding, I had 2 Samsungs that did not suit our purposes. Blazing Electronics offered and purchased them. In less than a week from the start we had our money. Than ks, Dennis
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Dennis 10:38:49 12-17-2015
Very happy
This is the only site I got a good amount for my iPhone 5s the other sites I barely got my money worth. I will do business again :) fast shipping
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Jennifferlo 09:01:47 08-04-2015
Fast Payment
Thanks for a quick and easy transaction! will sell again to your website!
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Zack 22:01:09 02-22-2015
Fast payment
I sold my Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII. The offered a good price (a lot higher than competition). I got paid extremely fast (next day after the delivery of my phone). I have never heard of them but very happy with the service.
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Andy G. 12:39:09 03-29-2014
Great service
Great experience. Sold my iphone 5 with water damage. Got a reasonable price, shipping was free, and got paid within the time frame they said. Awesome! Definitely recommend for unused/broken electronics.
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Gregg B. 12:14:29 03-25-2014
Blazing Review
Sold my samsung galaxy S4. Got paid through Paypal within 2 days of them getting the phone. Price was more than fair compare to other website buying back cell phones. Didn't know much about the company but everything went good. I will do business with them again and would recomment to friends.
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Bob M 12:17:27 02-21-2014
Blazing review
I used blazing electronics to sell 2 used phones and an iPad 2. I sold an old Verizon Droid 2 that was in my drawer for more than a year, an Iphone 4 16GB and my iPad 2 32 gb. They sent me a shipping label 20 min after I got the offer, I packed my stuff and shipped it same day. You dont pay anything for shipping. They got the package 3 days later and paid me next day on my Paypal. I actually got more than expected because my Iphone was like new rather than slightly used as I tought. I checked multiple websites and found the best price at blazing electronics. It seems like a new company and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth everything went.
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John S. 12:43:19 03-11-2013